About us

Torelle – our passion

Torelle has been designing and producing maternity clothing since 1996. We are a family run business with passion for our brand which has quickly become recognizable on a global scale. We are proud to say that it is not only Polish women who are pleased with our clothing. Our products have won recognition with mums-to-be in many countries and are widely available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Malta.

Beauty, femininity and charm – in every style

It is the character of our collections that makes them stand out from the rest and continue to capture women’s hearts (and spaces in their wardrobes).In a subtle way our maternity wear accentuates a woman’s charm and beautiful pregnancy curves. The times have passed when clothes for future mums resemble baggy uniforms. The blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers that we sew at present are stylish, sexy and first-rate products – remarkable, modern design, fine shapes and trendy. Although we continue to develop our offer, today every mum-to-be can find something that suits her whether she is looking for originality, elegance or simply prefers comfort. Our models reflect the essence of femininity and those very models will make all future mums feel truly beautiful, feminine and full of charm – in every style!

Comfortable and functional to wear – during pregnancy and after childbirth

Torelle is offering styles in modern trends and designs. Tailoring to meet specific needs we use modern technology and high-quality fabrics with a high Lycra content which combines to make our models comfortable, practical and functional to wear. Not only do they adjust perfectly to the curves of a woman’s silhouette during pregnancy, month by month, they can also be worn for a few weeks after the baby has arrived before the mom gets back to her pre-pregnancy weight and shape! In addition, many of our blouses and dresses offer solutions which for sure will make breastfeeding mothers happy.

We care about mum’s good physical and emotional well-being both during pregnancy and after childbirth!

Torelle – excellent quality

We are professionals and we love what we do. We know what women desire and our collections give satisfaction to even the most demanding mums –to –be. We meet the highest quality standards and are totally committed to ensuring total satisfaction. Although we have been successful to date we constantly develop and thrive to accentuate excellent quality. We use fantastic fabrics, emphasize finesse and precision and we are also attentive to the finest detail.

We invite you to make yourself acquainted with our offer. Torelle assures satisfaction – exceptional design, unparalleled functionality and excellent quality!